TracorCorp IMOBI-GEL®

TracorCorp is proud to announce the introduction of a new and exciting product that utilizes the effects of anti-traction materials. TracorCorp has engineered an anti-traction gel, IMOBI-GEL®.

TracorCorp patent pending IMOBI-GEL® has been engineered to completely immobilize enemy combatants. IMOBI-GEL® is a water based liquid gel which renders any surface so slippery that no firm contact can be made. Individuals sprayed in IMOBI-GEL® will find themselves unable to stand-up or to even support themselves, as one researcher said, "it's like liquid ball-bearings".

You can apply IMOBI-GEL® to other surfaces to inhibit the assailants mobility, an example would be to apply IMOBI-GEL® to walls and handles or bars. This will render any surface as unusable as no friction could be generated, anyone trying to escape would be unable to grip or use these surfaces resulting in their immobilization.

TracorCorp engineers have shown that IMOBI-GEL® is so effective that it can stop vehicles in their tracks. Our engineers have effectively tested IMOBI-GEL® on various vehicles and have successfully stopped jeeps and trucks on a variety of surfaces including gravel and sand tracks.

Because IMOBI-GEL® is a water based material it will be rendered completely inert after 10-12 hours as the water evaporates. IMOBI-GEL® is also non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

TracorCorp IMOBI-GEL® can be carried by personnel in potable backpacks, but by far the most effective way to implement IMOBI-GEL® is by using vehicle mounted cannons.

IMOBI-GEL® has application for military, law enforcement and the correctional services in hostile crowd control situations.